Mission  Statement

        To inspire and empower individuals and organisations to achieve greater potentials


To Create a Catalyst for Change


Knowledge – the foundation of confidence in personal and professional domains        

Communication – effective and engaging          

Support – a business relationship which aligns with your needs        

Perception  – acknowledging the cognitive filter we each view the world through        

Engagement - connecting through a collective purpose, vision & goals       

Passion - driving what we do, and why we do it


Who We Are

Shiift has been established as a collective hub of experienced business owners and executive managers wanting to assist and empower others to achieve greater outcomes by sharing our knowledge, our successes, and our experiences with those seeking inspiration & improvement.

Our combined experiences cover industries such as: Mining - Metal / Coal, Engineering, Training, Plastics, Tourism, Hospitality, Health, Psychology, Human Resources, Agriculture..... to name a few.

Our domains of expertise encompass: Hr planning and strategy; cultural transformation; workplace investigations; rewards and recognition processes; performance and disciplinary process; health and wellness culture; industrial relations; change management; industrial policy implementations; managerial toolkits; succession identification and planning; psychometric outcomes