Team Engagement

Understanding Personality Types

Understanding how others think, act and behave differently to us gives us the ability to communicate better & lessen the potential for conflict. Increasing our understanding increases our ability to work well within a team. 

What we do:
  • Online assessment + 13 page individual report
  • Interactive Group workshop to demonstrate differences

You will gain awareness of:
  • Your ideal work environment
  • How you deal with stress
  • How to manage potential conflict
  • Your Key Motivators
  • How you may irritate others
  • Your Key communication strengths
  • Action steps for better teamwork  
  • Events which may trigger stress
  • Suggested areas of growth

This workshop is a cracker! It has the potential to change your workplace overnight! 

Strengths-based Coaching

Our Strengths-based Sessions create the foundation to build strong people, strong teams & a strong culture. 

By enhancing & developing our strengths, individuals and organizations can achieve significant, long-term positive results. 

We identify individual & team strengths, & show how to accelerate your team & your business to achieve greater potentials by leveraging exactly these strengths - easily!

What we do:
  • Online assessment + 23 page individual report
  • 1:1 coaching - individual strengths
  • Workshop as a team to identify collective strengths and harness these to accelerate the business & create the environment each individual needs to thrive.

Creating Your Purpose

This workshop steps teams through collectively discovering the company’s ‘why’ . By aligning through ‘purpose’ - you will motivate & create cohesive teams driving people’s beliefs, actions & behaviours. 

What we do:
  • Facilitate robust discussions
  • Create 'Your Purpose'
  • Align team goals to company goals
  • Create 5 'Team Values' to build agreed upon accountability
  • Identify 3 'action items' for each value to identify & manage workplace culture 
  • Optional - Team Charter, a values-based statement which drives states how the team will achieve the business's vision & goals
For your teams, this workshop creates a sense of ownership, of being heard and valued, & of being part of a like-minded team. Teams leave this workshop feeling cohesive, aligned and motivated!

Customer Service

Body language, building customer loyalty, customer-centric strategies, identifying your point of difference & creating customer ‘delighters’.

This is a great motivational workshop as your team identifies:
  • what they currently do very well and 
  • brainstorm unique ‘delighters’ – to take your customer experience to the next level. 

Your team will leave this workshop feeling excited about the journey ahead! 

Greater still, they will leave aligned to the organisational goal by a common pathway.

Conflict Mediation

Relationships broken down? 

We will navigate participants through ‘levels of irritation’ to a realistic, positive outcome which works for everyone. 
Participants will develop a greater awareness and understanding of causative factors and the ability to identify triggers to avoid future conflict. 

Our mediation: 
  • dissolves current conflict
  • hits the 'reset' button for all involved
  • provides the tools to avoid future replays.

Custom Workshops

We tailor workshops to achieve the outcomes you need. 

Combining motivational, customer service, strengths-based, MBTI, Leadership strategies and more . . .  

Discuss your requirements with us today!

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