Leadership Development

Your team is vital to your business’s performance; they manage & sustain your culture ... 
 nurture, skill, empower, and invest in them.

Better Business Leaders

Do you need to navigate your way around people management & motivation?

Shiift's 'Business Leaders' group offers proven quick business fixes, a confidential peer group, and a new lens to see your business?
Our Focus is People
Anyone can create a great business model - but if you don't know how to get the best out of people then you’re wasting money & suffering massively reduced profit margins.

Join our monthly  ‘Business Builders’ group to address topics such as:

Managing Your Teams
Managing Conflict
Managing Fatigue
Strategy & Opportunities
 Succession Planning

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure a like-minded confidential group, creating a much-needed shot of optimism in your day.

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Self-Leadership Development (i)

Harness the Leader within you!

How we see ourselves affects our ability to lead confidently, our ability to visualise, and create the outcomes we need.

This strengths-based workshop digs into identifying the leader in you, assessing your strengths, and creates a solid foundation for any leadership program.

Participants will be shining a 'theoretical mirror' on behaviours, thoughts and actions.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Identify leadership traits
  • Identify individual strengths
  • Lead with greater confidence 
  • Gain a greater understand of 'self' 
  • Know your purpose and what you do well
  • Managing vs. Leading
  • What teams require

    The program is for:
  • Building confidence
  • Gaining clarity of strengths
  • Understanding your purpose
  • Identifying goals / vision


Leadership Development (ii)

From ‘team-mate’ to managing your 'team-mates'!

The transition from 'doing' to 'managing' requires a whole new mind-set!  We teach your key people how to reframe workplace relationships, define expectations, set clear goals & hit the 're-set button'!

Participants will learn:
  • Managing vs Leading
  • Changing the mindset from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’
  • Redefining workplace relationships
  • Changes & Dangers
  • Learning how to create kick-arse 1:1s that work!
  • Defining expectations & hitting the ‘reset’ button
  • Create a culture of mutual accountability & respect
  • Creating boundaries and parameters
Participants will create their own work-plan mapping out an effective path forward leaving the workshop with a blueprint to follow. (Optional: ongoing coaching / support)

The program is for:
  • Anyone promoted from within the same business
  • Developing or strengthening current people-skills
  • Those struggling with friendships in the workplace
  • Identified future managers
  • Those in positions of influence without title or authority


Leadership Development (iii)

Supervisors, Managers & Team Leaders

This program enables those in key supervisory roles to learn how to become the manager your business needs! You will learn how to manage people, personalities & priorities to create productive, happy teams and become an effective leader. 

Participants will learn how to:
  • Create trust, respect & accountability
  • Manage potential conflict
  • Motivate & engage their team-members
  • Focus on team vs self
  • Delegate & problem-solve effectively 
  • Build the culture your business needs 

Monthly modules allows time to implement & achieve sustainable change.

The program is for:
  • Internally newly-appointed managers 
  • Managers who have limited, or no, previous leadership training
  • Skills refresher

"Big Leadership 4 Small Business"

Leadership Development (iv)

Business Owners & GM's

Learn how to easily create a motivated, cohesive workplace - increasing productivity, workplace happiness, accountability and self-management. We show you how to step back as your team steps up!

This workshop is suitable for Business Owners, Employers and GM's who have had minimal professional development or leadership training.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Create the workplace culture your business needs
  • Easily motivate & increase staff retention
  • Strengthen existing teams
  • Increase productivity & profitability 
  • Work ON the business, not IN the business

Our monthly modules allows time to implement & achieve sustainable change.

The program is for:
  • Business Owners
  • Employers
  • General Managers

Entry Level

$ 245ex GST 

4 hr session

Strengths self-assessment

 Knowledge of Who You Are

Your Purpose & 
What You Do Well

Creating Goals

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$ 245ex GST

4 hr session

Changing the mindset from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’

 Redefining workplace relationships

Changes & Dangers

Expectations 1:1 & hitting the ‘reset’ button

Creating accountability & respect

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$ 985ex GST 

7 sessions - 1 per month

Managing vs Leading

Effective Communication

Managing Personality Types

Building your team; building your culture

Effective Delegation

Motivation through Recognition & Feedback

Building the a culture of mutual Accountability

Time Management

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Big Leadership 4 
Small Business

$1295ex GST

7 sessions

Getting your teams to step-up so you can step-back

Effective Communication

Managing Personality Types

Team Building

Delegating for Succession Planning

3 Step strategy for Motivation

Accountability & Problem Solving

Time Management

Exit Plan

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