The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is the recognised global leader in personality assessments, assisting in identifying valuable differences in traits / characteristics which often are the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication. The on-line self-report questionnaire is based upon Carl Jung’s psychological theory of personality types. The information gained by identifying your personality type provides a greater understanding of yourself, your motivations, behaviours, natural strengths and potential areas for growth.

Of greater value - it enables you to understand and appreciate the comparative differences in those around you and appreciate the strengths these different personality types bring to a team environment. The MBTI is a tool for life, providing the building blocks from which to increase your understanding and self-awareness across all domains of life. For individuals and teams engaged in this process, results are:

  1. Obvious;     
  2. Immediate; and           
  3. Measurable

The MBTI is used in the following applications

  • Self-understanding and individual development

  • Management / Leadership training & coaching

  • Organisational Development & Upskilling

  • Problem Solving / Conflict Management

  • Sales Techniques

  • Relationship Counselling

Measurable organisational objectives include: 

  • Increase communication effectiveness

  • Nurture and leveral current staff strengths

  • Improve & increase teamwork, resulting in increased productivity

  • Understanding of leadership / management styles

  • Improve customer service

  • Manage conflict

  • Individual coaching

  • Assist in career development

  • Increase sales

The MBTI assessment is an effective tool to incorporate into your organisational workshops. Identification and appreciation of team members’ strengths can greatly assist in team-building processes, creating awareness of co-workers strengths and greater understanding of reasons for conflict. Our MBTI workshops provide effective tools to help unite workplace teams to work cohesively towards their goals.


A 20min on-line questionnaire is forwarded to your email address. Upon completion of the on-line assessment a report will be emailed directly to our practitioner, who will then schedule our 'lightbulb' workshop where understanding, awareness and appreciation of personality traits is highlighted and developed. We highly recommend the use of MBTI as the foundation of leadership development programs.  Ongoing workshops can be tailored to specific desired outcomes with measurable objectives.

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