Organisational Solutions

Change Management

Shiift provides mentoring for businesses in the growth phase 
to better manage sustainable long-term targets by:
  • Implementing systems
  • Strengthening organisational frameworks
  • Identifying inefficiencies 
  • Up-skilling staff

What we do: 
  • Organisational Review - identification of what you 
    need to drive you to the next step. 
  • Development Plan - stepped process with realistic 
    timelines, supported by ongoing mentoring to ensure implementation & 
    long-term sustainability.
  • Workshops, programs, coaching, mentoring 

Workplace Culture

Creating a workplace with strong workplace satisfaction and employee engagement increases your business’s financial health and can be measured by your bottom line. 

Top-down and bottom-up workshops  assist in uniting, inspiring, and 're-booting' your teams actions, behaviours, language and beliefs.

What we do: 
  • Pulse Assessment - we measure & assess your culture, identifying any ambiguity between desired & current behaviours, actions, beliefs & language. 
  • Up-skill key personnel - managers, supervisors, team leaders & 'informal leaders'. We work alongside your key people, enabling them to best manage & sustain positive change. 
  • Strengths-based Workshops - in-house sessions for successful long-term positive impact and sustainable change.

Organisational Design Review

Building a framework which supports your 2, 5, & 10 year goals is 
'Business 101'. 

Regardless of whether you are a family business or a corporate entity, assessing your short & long-term goals, collective strengths, systems, structure and processes to support these goals ensures long-term success and clarity 
for all your team. 

What we do:
  • Identify gaps in your current structure, roles and / or procedures. 
  • Develop an Action Plan to identify and implement the stepped process to address inefficiencies, gaps and areas of growth; building a stronger, sustainable foundation for success. 

Training Skills Analysis

Looking to grow your business but not sure you have the skills required in your personnel? 

Let us assist in assessing your current skill-set and identify your “sources of potential”. 

What we do:
  • Review current & desired skill-sets. 
  • Map to the organisational structure to identify existing strengths and gaps; determining training or recruitment requirements to achieve the business growth you require. 
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